Tourist Offer

From the center of Virovitica, the roads lead to a rich tourist offer with various contents: Virovitica's trees, Noble route, Sacred route, Green route, cultural and historical attractions, natural attractions, gastronomic and ethnic offer, sports and recreation, Bike route, Bee Safari Route, HITRoute noble route, Virovitica lakes, tourist destinations Rupnica, Jankovac, poet Petar Preradović's house, seasonal events, hunting tourism.


Virovitica's trees

Viroexpo Fair

Virovitica Lakes

Seasonal events

Sports and recreation

Cultural and historical attractions


Hunting tourism

Tourist destination Jankovac

Tourist destination Rupnica

Poet Petar Preradović's house

Gastronomic and ethnic offer

Bike route

Natural attractions

HITRoute noble route

Bee Safari Route

Sacred route

Noble route

Green route

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